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A person cannot build happy relationships and create their life when they are traumatized and depleted. Childhood traumas and beliefs are the main causes of lacking desired relationships.
5 Things a Person Lacking Self-Confidence Will Never Have

1. Healthy and Truly Close Relationships.
Insecurity breeds dependence and fear of being oneself, which hinders the formation of genuine, equal relationships.
2. A Successful Career. Achieving success requires decisiveness and belief in oneself. An insecure person often fears taking risks and doesn’t believe in their potential.
3. Financial Independence. Insecurity prevents demanding fair compensation and limits career growth. Such people often settle for less than they deserve.
4. Emotional Peace. Insecure people are prone to constant doubts and fears, leading to stress and inner discomfort.
5. True Happiness. Happiness starts with self-acceptance and self-love. Insecurity keeps a person from being content with themselves and their life, making them unhappy.
Don't you like that prospect?

Start with a free 2 min test to uncover your trauma and get a customized report detailing your trauma that lacks your confidence.
Dive deep inside yourself to make it through
1st week
- Clarity on your true needs.
- Understanding your trauma and patterns.
- Self-control and decision-making.
- Enhanced self-compassion.
- Tools for managing negative thoughts.
- A sense of progress.
1st month
- Emotional management.
- Improved communication.
- Self-worth validation.
- Increased confidence.
- Empowerment to face challenges
6 months
- Fearlessness.
- Dream job pursuit.
- Emotional resilience.
- Self-actualization.
- Overall Well-being.
Guided practical exercises
Based on scientific evidence and years of professional practice, we apply various techniques, such as CBT, TA, and Gestalt therapy, which have proven to be among the most effective in therapy.
Feedback and personal support
On your journey towards self-discovery, your feedback will be invaluable, and our team will offer dedicated  personal support through feedback form where team of therapists will respond to your requests.
Unique meditations
Audio techniques will guide you into your inner world, where you can attain a new experience on a sensory level. For instance, you'll be able to feel loved, accepted, and confident. Through these techniques, you're shaping a new reality that first emerges through your emotions and then manifests in your life.
Author's articles
Gain clarity and understand the cause and effect of your trauma through informative articles.
Our goal is to empower you to live the life you truly deserve and discover solutions for transformation.
Some cases
we proud of
Stay-at-home mom
Stay-at-home mom
Open a video review of our customer to learn how The Soul program offered a process of acceptance and healing, transcending her distress and reshaping her emotional state. She became happier on the inside, and this transformation positively impacted her family relationships, reshaping her life for the better.
Police officer
Police officer
I listened to the technique, several times, after the first listening I felt very good, I flew, fluttered, a lot of energy and strength and faith was in me. Today I listened second time it was very easy to learn how to meet my girl inside of me. Nothing distracted me from the outside to really feel it. It touched me very much, I even somehow felt it physically. It's like a part of me that I has found . Which I was always looking and looking for… it amazing , thank you so much.
Eliza 34 y.o.
Hair dresser
Eliza 34.y.o.
Hair dresser
I did the technique at my lunchtime.  What can I say ... during the technique,  everything inside me collapsed . By the end, i calmed down and opened my eyes  and my heart filled with love and peace.   1.5 hours have passed, and I keep thinking about that little girl.  And now I am writing to you with tears in my eyes, to say thank you that you help me to find this girl inside me
Mila 39 y.o.
Mila 39 y.o.
🥰 I've become convinced that all of your TheSoul techniques are effective. After them, a spark ignites inside me. I want to move forward in my direction. A swarm of thoughts and insights after the techniques, a bunch of desires, and an understanding of MY wants! Thank you very much!
Margo 41 y.o.
Facial studio owner
Margo 41 y.o.
Facial studio owner
Good afternoon!  The technique is really cool; I realized it when I started doing it 🔥 I counted 16 impulsive responses in myself 🙈 Three of the most common ones are yelling, hyper-control, and comparing myself to others (projecting others' thoughts about me).
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What is TheSoul ?

TheSoul is an innovative subscription psychotherapy method. It is the best option for those who cannot or do not want to see a therapist. Step by step, it helps you uncover layers of your beliefs and strengthen inner support to manage your emotions and gain more confidence and self-love.

How TheSoul works?

Users complete an assessment via chatbot and receive personalized practices, meditations, and more, delivered regularly through chat and email. The first week is free, take your trial now.
Start your journey with our methodic
60 practices
that will help you identify your deficits, understand your states, and change your behavior patterns.
45 TheSoul audio techniques
to fill deficits, heal feelings, and overcome past negatives, teaching sensory-level emotional management.
24 articles
reveal current reality's disappointments and guide you to create a new one with gratitude, acceptance, and love.
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Meet our team
Andrey Tikhonov
Founder & CEO
Irina Tikhonova
Co-Founder & R&D

Meet Andrey and Irina - our story:

"My journey into psychology began when my marriage was falling apart, and I felt trapped. Realizing that changing someone else was unrealistic, I made the decision to change myself. I explored various forms of therapy, from classical to feminine psychology, family dynamics, and more. I delved into my emotions, worked through feelings of shame, guilt, resentment, truly needs , acceptance and finally found peace, rebuilding my life alongside my husband, who was also committed to our relationship. Transitioning from economics to psychology, I honed my skills and began therapy sessions with women, drawing from my personal experiences and tailored techniques. Witnessing profound transformations in over 200 women, I realized the power of mentorship and decided to create a product that would make therapy accessible to all. Thus, TheSoul was born. With my husband  (Andrey) taking charge of the technical aspects and assembling TheSoul team, we have seen remarkable feedback from women who, after two months of mentorship, have experienced life-altering changes. Today, our method evolves with new techniques, offering therapy filled with love and guided by the best therapists in our team. Join our community, where you'll find support and discover yourself. Welcome to TheSoul."